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Effect of Cerium Addition on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Al-12%Si Alloys

This paper aims to study the effect of Ce addition on mechanical properties of Al-12%Si Alloy Ce was added in three different percentages(2%,4%, & 6%).The alloy were prepared by induction furnace under Aragon atmosphere and poured into a sand mold then with the casting was machined by Turning , next chemical analysis by X Ray Fluorescent (XRF) for the alloys and optical microscope for microstructure , the mechanical testing compression test and Vickers Micro hardness test were performed on the specimens , results showed an increase in mechanical properties and in decrease in hardness ,the alloy with 6% Ce addition gave the best results in mechanical properties .while The Microstructure showed the Braking of the Si Dendrite into a coarse grains of Si with the increase of Ce Percentages Keywords: Al-Si Alloys , Mechanical Properties, Microstructure , Rare Earth Elements