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An Observation on The Impact of Expatriate Member(S) of Family on Pursuing Higher Education from Abroad: A Study in Sylhet District, Bangladesh

The tendency of international migration in various purposes is comparatively higher in Sylhet district than any other districts in Bangladesh. A large number of exoduses are students. Every year, the number of HSC passed student is increasing and the demand for post HSC education is also increasing. But, the seats in Universities are not increasing in proportion. So, the student who cannot get enroll in any university tend to pursue higher education abroad as they do not have any other option. Sometimes an expatriate member from the student family influences him/her for taking higher education abroad. This study is conducted to find out the impact of expatriate member(s) of a particular family on taking higher education from abroad by other members of the family. A total of 225 students were surveyed and the data was analyzed in MS Excel. The participants were selected using quota sampling technique. The data shows that 71 percent of the students who have at least one member of their family abroad get either “Extremely” or “Very much” influence about studying abroad. The aim of this research was to find out the impact of an expatriate person on pursuing higher education from abroad by other members of his/her family. Keywords- Abroad, Exodus, Expatriate, Higher Study, UGC.