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Performance of Force based Design and Direct Displacement based Design to Meet Seismic Demands

Earthquake is one of the unpredictable natural disasters against which the structure needs to be designed and there are various methodologies available and developed around the globe. This paper presents a comparison between method prescribed by Indian Standard which is Force Based Design and multi-performance level Direct Displacement Based Design. The comparison is based on the various parameters like base shear to be resisted, cost of the structural members, and stiffness of the building. Also, non-linear static pushover analysis is performed on the building and its results are also compared. The comparison is done on three buildings having the same plan but having a different number of stories. The result of all the parameters shows that the performance of the building is increasing by using direct displacement based design and the increase in the cost of the building is increasing by an acceptable margin. Also, all the buildings behaviour is the same in all parameters and hence the direct displacement based design is applicable to all height buildings. Keywords - Direct Displacement Based Design, Force Based Design, Pushover Analysis, Performance Objectives