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Multiple Homeostasis in The Insulin Receptor Reveals the Cause of Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes

In regulated cells, insulin reporters are on the surface of cells. The reporters combining with the insulin lead to a series of changes in the cells (signal transduction pathway). One of the reason that lead to Type 2 diabetes mellitus is insulin resistance. The drugs cannot guarantee the effect because the genes themselves have a lot of steady states while the insulin can work in some steady states but not in all steady states. When the insulin is injected, once the steady states reached by the genes are like those resisted by the insulin, the insulin cannot work anymore. The steady states here refer to the stable steady point with the minimum potential energy in the single cell, which may be different from the definition in biological theory. In this paper, multiple homeostasis problems will be taken into considiration in the dynamic process, while multiple homeostasis in the insulin receptor is proposed to reveal the cause of insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes through the reaction dynamic model. Keywords - Multiple Homeostasis, Insulin Recptor Pathway, Type 2 Diabetes