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Breakfast Skipping Habit Effect to Energy and Nutrients Intake among University Students

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The skipping breakfast may result in low nutrients intake or increase the energy intake over the day. Omission the meal that effect to health include malnutrition. The aimed of the crosssectional study was to determine the energy and nutrients intake among 415 university students. A food record was obtained using a 3-day dietary diary. Portion sizes were estimated using a portion size booklet. Breakfast skippers had significant energy intake less than breakfast eaters (291.2 kcal/day). We found that the students who regularly consume breakfast had vitamins and minerals intake significantly more than the breakfast skippers. Unhealthy dietary habit with skip breakfast may risk of malnutrition include energy and nutrients deficiency. Keywords - Breakfast Skipper, Breakfast Eater, University Students.