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Seasonal to Long-Term Temperature Variability in the Southern Regional State of Ethiopia

This study explores trends in the minimum, maximum and mean surface temperature over southern regional state of Ethiopia using CRU and GHCN-CAMS datasets form 1951 to 2016. Non parametric Mann-Kendal and Sen,s slope estimator in addition to linear regression methods were used to depict magnitude and trends of temperature of the region. In both seasonal and annual basis statistically significant increasing trends have been observed at 99.99% confidence level. The increase of mean values of the annual temperature are higher than the global average, suggesting that, the threat from the global warming. However on monthly basis December, January and February minimum temperature for only CRU data show non-significant increasing trends. Spatially the temperature is highly variable at lower elevations in the southern part of the region as compared to hilly northern, north-eastern and central parts of the study area. Keywords - Trend Analysis, Non-Parametric Test, Climate, Temperature, CRU, GHCN-CAMS.