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Transparent and Semitransparent Electrochemical Cells based on Aqueous Solutions of NaCl and Orange dye

In this work transparent Cu/NaCl/Zn and semitransparent Cu/NaCl-orange dye/Zn electrochemical cells, with an aqueous solution, are fabricated and investigated, for their application in transparent solar modules as window glass. The open-circuit voltages (VOC) and short-circuit currents (ISC) of the cells increase with the increase in the intensity of light in the interval from 0-720 W/m2 with a simultaneous increase in temperature of the electrolyte, from 21°C to 33°C, that results in an increase in the output power of the cells up to 1.7 times. It is observed that the performance of the electrochemical cells depends on the composition of the electrolyte and concentration of NaCl in the electrolyte. The combined transparent and semitransparent electrochemical solar cells are designed for the conversion of light energy into electrical power for its subsequent storage. Index Terms - Aqueous solution, Electrochemical cells, NaCl, Orange dye, Semitransparent.