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Health Inequalities in Bulgaria: Geographic Distribution of Health Resourses

The present study aimed to analyze the geographical distribution of physicians as well as nurses/midwives and patient beds in Bulgaria.Material and methods: The data from NSI Bulgaria about total number of population, doctors, nurses including midwives and hospital beds were used. The main methods were Gini coefficients and Lorenz curve.Results: From 2010 to 2017 the population of Bulgaria decreased by 6.06%. In the same period the average number of physicians per 1000 patients was 3.75, for nurses – 6.25 and for hospital beds - 6.33. Using Gini coefficients was found that there is an unequal geographic distribution and it increases. Conclusions: Misdistribution of health resources may have a negative impact on health status of population, therefore planning the geographical distribution of health resourses will have to be one of the most important policy interventions. Keywords - Geographical distribution,unequally, Gini coefficients, Lorenz curve.