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The Effect of Rapid Solidification on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Advanced Biomaterial Co-Cr-Mo-C Alloy

Co-Cr-Mo-C alloy, as an advanced biomaterial alloy,was prepared by rapid solidification upon their casting condition in order to improve its properties. In this research, the microstructure, and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Co-Cr-Mo-C alloy as a potential casting procedure to enhance the properties of this alloy were studied. Co-Cr-Mo- C alloys solidified using conventional casting methods maintain their high-temperature γ-FCC matrix and coarse dendritic structure when they cool down to the room temperature. The use of rapid solidification casting method represent significant changes in not only the amount of formed -HCP phase, which is strongly influenced by rapid solidification, but also in solidified structure. The microstructure examination demonstrating the structure of alloy is mainly consist of columnar dendritic structure with the distribution of carbides within primary and secondary dendrites arms and finer dendritic structure along with modified carbide distribution will be achieved by rapid solidification. XRD analysis to measure the quantity of γ- FCC and -HCP formed in different cooling rates show increasing in formation of -HCP from 1% to 45%by increasing the cooling rate up to 450 K/s (approx). Keywords - Biomaterial, Co-alloys, Rapid solidification, Athermal martensite