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A review on usage of Waste Plastic(Polyethelene) in construction of Flexible Pavement

As we all know use of plastic covers, chocolates, dispense bags, freeze bottles, covering of betel nuts and all other forms of plastics are unavoidable, at the same time they create considerable environmental and economic problem to dispose. They devour massive energy and other natural resources also diminish the environment in various ways. In manufacturing firms, Manufacturing industries and a product delivery service, use of plastic is a precedence to handle and pack things at ease due to its light weight, cost effectiveness and strength. Plastics cannot be banned as it will result in usage of natural resources like paper, wood at a great extent. Hence disposal of waste plastic is harmful and become a serious problem worldwide due to their non-biodegradability. Use of waste plastic covers in bituminous mixes has proved that this improve the properties of mix in addition to solving disposal problems. Plastic roads would be an advantage for India’s hot and awfully humid climate, where temperatures repeatedly cross 50°C and heavy rains create disaster, leaving the majority of the roads with big potholes. Therefore in my paper I recapitulate the research work which is carried out to utilize plastic covers in road construction Keywords - Pavement, Plastic Coated Aggregate, Plastic Modified Bitumen, Plastic Road, Waste Plastics