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A New Approach to Optimize the Production of Crop using Compost from Solid Waste

A large population of India depends on the agriculture sector for livelihood. At the same time due to expanding population diminishing available land and rising service industry, there is a need to increase the production by utilizing the available agriculture resources. Any small increase in the yield per acre can easily result in huge increase in the overall production efficiency in the particular region in the given time. Globally wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food. It has higher protein content than other major cereals in terms of total production. It was one of the first crop that could be easily cultivated on a large scale. In this case study, Wheat Crop is considered to minimize the cost of the cultivation and maximizing the crop production. Generally, all types of soils have different physical and chemical properties and their properties have certain limitations due to type of water, fertilizer and some other elements which are necessary to maximize crop yield production. Due to excess increase of chemical fertilizer usage nowadays health issues like cancer and other diseases are increasing rapidly.In concern with that, we are promoting organic fertilizer. Compost is one of them which are also called as soil en-richer and the key ingredient in organic farming. City compost and vermi compost which are necessary to maximize the crop yield. The data is collected from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad,by considering the above mentioned aspects. Agriculture planning problems cannot deal with a single goal of maximizing output or profits. This paper consists of best utilization of water, minimizing the laborcost, minimizing the chemical fertilizer by promoting the organic fertilizer, maximizing the soil fertility. To optimize the result GOAL PROGRAMING is used. Goal programing (GP) is also called as multi criteria decision model Keywords - Fertility, Cultivation, yield, Manure, Organic Fertilizer, Optimization, Goal Programing.