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Environmental and Health Risk Assessment for Municipal Solid Waste Dump-Yard in Chidambaram

The management of municipal solid waste has become an acute problem due to enhanced economic activities and rapid urbanization. Increased attention has been given by the government in recent years to handle this problem in a safe and hygienic manner. The impacts due to the solid waste dumpsites are not confined merely to the disposal site. On the contrary, they pervade the area surrounding the site and wherever the wastes are generated, spread or accumulated. Clearly such sites possess a serious health risk not just in terms of degradation of groundwater quality also due to the related problems associated with littering, scavenging birds etc. Chidambaram dump yard chosen for this study is one such dumpsite which is located nearer to schools, residential area and national highway. It may constitute an environmental problem, if the leachate migrates into the ground water. The presence of bore well at the landfill sites threatens to contaminate the ground water. People around the dump yard have reported that the dump yard has become nuisance for their living. Health risk assessment for this site has to be carried out to find out the impact of this site on human health and also this thesis deals air pollut ion problem near the dump site. This study also focuses the possible impact of solid waste effect on soil and ground water quality by the physico-chemical and biological parameters.