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A General Goal Programming Model for Optimal Fiscal Management of Bio-Methanation process using Algal Biomass in Wet Garbage

In the present situation the whole is world is depending on the fossil fuel which is threatening the environment so, the world is very ambitious towards replacing fossil fuel by any means necessary. Micro algae are promising feedstock for bioenergy production due to their high growth rate, efficient photosynthesis and is one of the trending topic getting attention of researches as it consists of algal biomass which produces the biodiesel, biogas and ethanol without disturbing the environmental cycles. Many countries have adopted certain methods to produce bio fuels, but these technologies are not yet broadly available and is costlier to implant. Considering these problem and limitation production of biogas methane from microalgae biomass as alternative source of renewable energy. On the other hand, in this irrational world garbage is predominant problem which is faced by all country especially developing nations like India. Disposing of these garbage is another challenge. Here garbage can be grouped into dry, wet, hazardous, non-hazardous etc., In these garbage, maintenance of wet garbage is most important one as it will cause many environmental and health related issues. Thus, construction of compost plant can do the ejection of wet garbage in bio methanation plant. In bio methanation wet garage is utilized to produce methane gas which can be utilized for routine activities. But production of the methane gas from wet garbage is a slow process as it will go through anaerobic digestion. In this paper we planned to combine these above-mentioned aspects by introducing algal biomass such as Chlorella, Dunaliella, Spirulina etc., into the wet garbage disposal biogas plant to stimulate the methanation process. The main aim of this study is to give a Goal Programming model to minimize the expenditure of wet waste management and algae plantation in the disposal unit, maximize the production of methane in the unit, maximize the profit by sales of biofuel. Keywords - Algal biomass, Bio methanation, Goal Programming, Under Achievement, Over achievement, Solid Waste Management.