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Influence of Corn Distillate Grains Compered with Soybean Meal as Partial Substitute on Growth Performance, Digestibility and Some of Rumen Fermentation Parameters, in Awassi Lambs

The objectives of this study were determine the effects of soybean meal (SBM) dried distillers grains with soluble (DDGS)and corn gluten meal (CGM) as a sources of protein in ration formulation of Awassi lamb with two ratios of crude protein(CP) equivalent to 10% and 13% SBM treatments was, T1 (10 % SBM), T2 (20 % DDGS), T3 (7% CGM), T4 (13% SBM), T5 (26% DDGS), T6 (8.5% CGM) on growth performance, digestibility, rumen pH, and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N). Twenty four male Awassi lamb, aged 3-4 months of age and average live weight of 20±0.25 kg, were divided into Six groups each group contain 4 lambs in a completely randomized design experiment. Animal were fed on concentrate diet in base of 3.5 % of live body weight. In the last week of the feeding period, all feces were collected to determine digestibility. The rumen samples were collected at the end of the feeding period. Results showed improved feed conversation ratio significantly for treatment two (4.40) compared to other treatments. Final live weight average total gain and average daily gain (ADG) of lambs were significantly higher (P<0.05) in lambs fed the T2, T5 diet (43.375 and 43.025 kg), (21.570 and 22.400 kg) and (266.369 and 266.666 g/d) respectively. Digestibility coefficients were significantly (P<0.05) higher in Dry Matter Organic Matter, Crude Protein and Crude Fibers with Lamb fed T2 (79.26, 81.42, 76.99 and 81.73),and T5(78.72,80.64, 76.61 and 80.86), respectively. All rumen parameters were within the normal values. Generally, it may be concluded that using DDGS in ration formulation of fattening Awassi lambs get better performance of animals. Key-Words- Soya Bean Meal, Corn Distillate Grains, Awassi Lambs, Growth Performance, Digestibility.