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Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes of Curcumin with Metal Salts and their Biological Applications

Some Binary complexes of curcumin with metal salts have been synthesized by the reaction of M(II) chloride with curcumin as primary ligand in methanol solution under a nitrogen atmosphere. The composition of the complexes has been characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductivity, IR, UV–vis spectroscopy , NMR and Magnetic properties. The results reveal that curcumin ligand coordinates with M(II) in bidentate mode after deprotonation. The general formula of the complexes is [M(Cur)2Cl2] (M = Mg(II) and Ca(II) The results of antibacterial activity indicated that the complexes have good antibacterial ability for the testing bacterium than that of curcumin. Keywords - Curcumin; Binary Complexes; Biological Activity