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Network Administration of College of Allied Health Sciences, Suansunandharajabhat University, Samutsongkhram Education Center in Thailand

This research aimed to study the process of network administration of College of Allied Health Sciences, SuanSunandhaRajabhat University, SamutSongkhram Education Center, to analyze the problems in the partnership collaboration, and to suggest the solution. This research was a documentary research that employed the qualitative method and an in-depth interview for data analyzing. Five samples in this research consisted of (1) alumni network (2) community network (3) entrepreneur network (4) professional association network and (5) international alliance network that collaborated with College of Allied Health Sciences, SuanSunandhaRajabhat University. The result indicated that College of Allied Health Sciences followed SuanSunandhaRajabhat University Strategic Plan; Strategy 3 Create network relationship and link to community which were four pillars of effectiveness, service quality, capacity, and organizational development. The process of network administration was consisted of preparation, planning, participation, and evaluation following the Participative Management Concept. The problems of network administration in the partnership collaboration were the discontinuity of collaboration, delay process of administration, complex procedures, as well as lack of skilled workers. This research recommended that (1) the networks should have the cooperative interaction among others, (2) the administrative system should be transparent, (3) the working procedures and process of network administration should be shorten and simple (4) the collaboration and participation as well as activity should have the continuity, and (5) skill enhancement for workers should be organized. Index Terms - Network administration, network, collaboration, participative management