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Rehabilitation Program for Wrist Joint Affected with Ligaments Strain in Table Tennis players

The current research aim at the study aimed at designing a rehabilitant program to use exercises and laser with the Table Tennis players injured with strained ligaments of the wrist joint and studying its effect on (degree of pain, strength of the muscles of the joint, and range of motion of the joint). The researcher used the experimental method by applying the (before and after) measurements on one experimental group which is enough and suitable for the aim of the research. The research community represents Athletics women in Tennis players in Assiut governorate, season (2016-2017). The research sample was chosen in an intentional method. It consists of 8 players from the professional and premier league (A) in Assiut governorate, aged between 18- 30 years old and they are injured by strained Ligaments of wrist joint needed to be placed in a cast for about 30- 45 days. The researcher used a goniometry for measuring wrist range of motion, a dynamometer for measuring the muscles strength of the target muscles group of the wrist, Visual Analog scale for measuring degree of pain. Results indicate There is a statically positive improvement in the pain degree, motion range, muscles strength of the wrist in the positions of (extraction, extension, retraction, rounding) of the research sample. Also all the improvement percent in the variables are near to the other good hand. Index Terms - Wrist Joint affected with Ligaments Strain