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Modeling of Adsorption Behaviour for Removal of Cu and Zn from Aqueous Solutions using Low-Cost Adsorbent

Pragmatic results obtained from experiments were used in this study for modelling of adsorption process. Granular green compost (Particle Size ≤ 0.32 mm) from Felgyő, Hungary was used as low-cost adsorbent in the study. Solutions containing only Cu, only Zn and Cu and Zn together in five concentrations (20 mg/L, 10 mg/L, 5 mg/L, 2.5 mg/L and 1.25 mg/L) were used in the experiment to obtain the data for modelling. Adsorption was carried out using 0.5 g of adsorbent in each solution. Results obtained from 15 combinations of three solutions (Cu, Zn, and Cu+Zn) in five different concentration shows that green compost used in the study could prove to be a good adsorbent. Analysis of model parameters revealed that optimization in the adsorption behaviour of the adsorbent used is possible by varying the particle size and changing the reaction conditions. Keywords - Adsorption models, Low-cost adsorbent, Green compost, Optimization, Heavy metals.