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Effect of Drying in Sun on Essential Oil Content and Composition of Origanummajorana L

The research carries out the determination of essential oil components content with sun-dried methods for OriganummajoranaL. species. OrigaaummajoranaL., were collected from Turkey at the full-flowering stage and dried withsun-drying method. The essential oils were extracted by hydro-distillation method and analyzed by using GC-MS. Sundrying method was applied on OriganummajoranaL. and 26 essential oil components were detected, of carvacrol (24.50 %), p-cymene (18.55 %), cis-sabinene hydrate (12.60 %), terpine-4-ol (6.60 %), β-phellandrene (5.40 %) and δ-elemene (4.15 %) as main components. Keywords – Origanummajorana L., Essential Oil, Carvacrol, p-cymene