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Gamified Instruction and its Effect to Student Motivation and Achievement in Science

This is a two-phase study which employed a mixed-method sequential explanatory design to explore the effects of a gamified instruction to the motivation and achievement of high school students in Science. The Science Motivation Questionnaire II was utilized to determine if gamification causes a significant increase in student motivation in Science. On the other hand, the mean normalized gains for all the pretests-posttests administration were carefully analyzed to find out if the technique causes a significant increase in student achievement in Science. Feedback from students, teacher-implementer and external observers were collected and analyzed for every phase. Both the quantitative and qualitative data collected substantiate the conclusion that gamified instruction brought about a significant increase in both student motivation and achievement in Science. It is recommended that gamified instruction be tried out in more Science classrooms with utmost caution so as to prevent students from developing wrong attitude towards assessment and towards Science as well. Future researchers may also dig deeper into the identification of the specific element of gamification that contributes to the increase of student motivation and achievement the most.