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Development and Physico-chemical Characterization of Cold Pressed Dehydrated Carrot Shreds

Cortex portion of carrot was found bioactive rich with secondary metabolites and within the core increased upon increase in the dimensions of root. The differences in carotenoid content between cortex and core portions were found higher for small sized carrot groups whereas increased sized groups of carrot showed declined variations. The phenolic concentration was greater and antioxidant activity was virtually similar for medium sized whole carrots. The carrot shreds with pressing and blanching combinations resulted in variable dehydration time. A 45% decrease in dehydration time could be achieved in comparison to the untreated carrot shreds at 65oC. Moisture diffusivity was found to be treatment and temperature dependent. The activation energy required for pressed carrot shreds was lower than the un pressed shreds. The carotenoid destructions happen to be lowest upon pressing the sample initially and the dehydration at 65oC. Index Terms - Carrot, dehydration, phytochemical.