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Effect of Fermentation on the Properties of Porridge from CYCAS Flour (CYCAS CIRCINALIS. L)

Cycas circinalis commonly called Queen Sago, a gymnosperm which is flourished in the Mezozoic era. Cycas was distributed all over the world especially through both the tropical and subtropical regions. Cycas has ornamental, economic, dietary and medicinal value Moreover cycas seed contains some anti-nutritional properties also. Previous researchers proved that, fermentation is the best method to decrease anti-nutritional properties as well it helps to improve the nutritional properties and easy digestibility of food. Different varieties of fermented drinks are available in the markets. As the cycas seed is less explored, this work is aimed to evaluate the effect of fermentation on the properties of porridge from cycas flour from (Cycas circinalis. L). Fermented porridge (Fp) was prepared and throughout, the changes in pH were measured. The prepared unfermented porridge (Up) and Fp was dried using freeze drier and makes it as dry flour for further analysis. The physico-chemical analysis of both the flours was determined. The production of porridge involves powdering, cooking, incubation in 37°C for 24-48 hours. The pH value of the Up and Fp were varied from 6.46 to 4.18.the Fp had significantly higher (P≤0.05) amount of lipid (1.68± 0.12), ash (2.00 ±0.03) and moisture (11.64 ± 0.08) than Up. An increase of lipid, ash and moisture occurred due to fermentation. The physical analysis revealed that color (L*, chroma and hue angle) and texture decreased in Fp. After fermentation some minerals like potassium sulphur and calcium had a pronounced increase and anti-nutritional properties showed significantly decreased in the final porridge (Fp). Keeping this in mind, the present study was framed to promote the traditional drink and take advantage of cycas seeds. Keywords - Cycas circinalis seed, Fermented porridge, unfermented porridge, Physico chemical properties, Anti-nutritional properties.