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Negative Effecting of Sewage Water on Environment and Techniques of Treatment

Pollution in water resources is any change in the properties of water; physical, chemical and biological. This due to the throwing the pollutants; solid, liquid and gaseous substances into the sources of water that causes damage to the economy & health and safety of the population. The main sources of water pollution are; Domestic wastewater forms 80 % & industrial waste water 8 % & agricultural waste water 10 % and others 2 %. The insufficiently treated of polluted water causes into the water the pollution and change the properties of water, these changes are expressed in particular in the appearance of unpleasant odors, flavors, color change also the changes in the chemical composition of water such as;. acidic number (PH), Biological Oxygen Demand , Chemical Oxygen Demand , turbidity, Sulphates, Phosphates, Nitrates, Nitrite, Chloride. Due to for technological development, it is possible minimizing the harmful impact of human activities on water resources, the key must be treatment of polluted for water. In this paper, we offer some apparatus that provides the process of polluted water treatment techniques such as; Suspension centrifuge, Horizontal centrifuge with pulsating piston, Centrifuge with inertial discharge of sediment, Drum vacuum filter, Disc Vacuum Filter, Carousel and suction filter, Belt filter, Centrifugal filter. For achievement of sustainable water development. Keywords - Sewage Water, Environmemt, Pollution, Treatment Techniques.