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Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction of Lycopene and Β-Carotene from GAC Arils

Gac fruit has been claimed to a suitable raw material for extraction of carotenoids since it is rich sources of lycopene and β-carotene. Conventional extraction with heating or refluxing has been used for extraction of carotenoid compounds from plants for decades. However, this method was reported to provide some disadvantages, e.g., requiring longer extraction time and larger volume of solvent, and obtaining low yield of extracts. To solve the problems, ultrasonic assisted-extraction (UAE), an alternative extraction method, was proposed. Thus, the objectives of this research were to determine the optimum condition for UAE of lycopene and β-carotene from gac and the comparison of lycopene and β- carotene yield extracted by a conventional extraction and UAE method was also performed. The results showed that UAE at 30˚C for 5 min was suggested to be the best condition with the highest yield of lycopene and β-carotene. Furthermore, UAE exhibited higher yield of lycopene and β-carotene than conventional extraction. Keywords – Carotenoids, Extraction time, Extraction temperature, Thermal degradation, Yield.