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Infiltration Rate (Air Leakage) in Modern Urban Jordanian Buildings in Amman

A theoretical calculation was deduced from nine samples of apartments in an urban area of western Amman to investigate the possibility of energy saving in modern buildings of construction not exceeding 20 yeas of construction age, with sliding Aluminum frame windows and similar window to floor ratio. Any excessive forced ventilation (natural or mechanical) in such dwellings becomes an action leading to energy losses and thermal discomfort in winter. The paper shall consider natural ventilation rates monitored which ranged between 0.05 ae/h to 0.18 ae/h within the framework of the mandatory minimum 4 liters of fresh natural ventilation required per second per capita for bedrooms and living areas according to the Jordanian code of energy efficient buildings 2013 and according to the Jordanian code of thermal insulation 2009, recommendation of 1-1.5 ae/h, as well as Ashrae specifications of 2.5 liters/second, as per Table 6-1, for minimum breathing rates. Analysis will be performed to evaluate energy losses through understanding the quantity of natural air leakage that occurs in Jordanian buildings and the quality of internal air in order to reach a decision over the controversial issue between architects and energy experts in Jordan over the need to ventilate homes in winter, for the sake of enhancing energy saving to recover energy lost in ventilation during winter in terms of suggesting new trends of behavior pertinent to windows and doors opening strategy (forced ventilation). This new strategy can be completely different from earlier practices used in most apartments in Jordan in order to enhance energy savings and thermal comfort. Definition: Infiltration in used in this paper as defined in ASHRAE 2009, being an air leakage caused by a natural pressure difference from outside into the inside of a building via cracks and other unintentional openings, as well as the normal use of doors. Key Words- Air exchange per hour (ae/h), Air leakage, Internal Air Quality (IAQ), Forced ventilation, Infiltration, Jordan National Building Council (JNBC), Mean Radiant Temperature, Natural ventilation, Relative Humidity (RH), Window to floor ratio.