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The Potential of Seaweed as a Source for Cancer Natural Medicine

More than 60% of cancer deaths occurred in low and middle income countries, such as Indo-nesia; which lack the medical resources and health systems to support the disease burden. Hence, utilization of natural based products would provide promising insights towards sup-pressing cancer incidence rate. Macroalgae are a promising group to furnish various bioactive compounds and Indonesia is endowed with abundance of macroalgae. However, information regarding their bioactive properties and pharmaceutical potentials are largely unexplored. This study evaluates the cytotoxicity and anti proliferative activity of macroalgae sargassum crassifolium (SC), Gelidium latifolium (GL), Laurencia elata (LE), and Sargassum polycystum (SP) ethanol extracts collected from Indonesian coastal area. GL macroalgae demonstrated most significant cytotoxicity in HeLa cells with EC50 of 144.42±12.08 μg/mL. This was also supported by fluorescence imaging which revealed only GL ethanol extracts potentially induces cellular DNA damage. Cytotoxic activity of GL is assumed to induce apoptosis in HeLa cells as analyzed with DNA fragmentation assay. Cells treated with other macroalge extracts were seen to show significant growth inhibition effects, but not to the point of cell death through apoptosis. Current results show GL macroalgae possesses more promising bio-active properties, cytotoxic and anti proliferative activity compared to other macroalgae spe-cies. Further advanced studies would be reasonable for GL potential uses in pharmaceutical industries. Keywords – Anti proliferative, cancer, cytotoxicity, macroalgae