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Exams Related Stress in Medical Students: A Cross Sectional Study

The study was conducted to detect level of stress due to exams in medical students of Kasturba Medical College Mangalore, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Karnataka, India. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional observational research work done to measure the level of stress by using a standard questionnaire. 95 medical students participated in the study. Results: Different parameters were used to denote stress levels such as energy level, enthusiasm level, depression level, efforts and performance level, confidence level. The values which were obtained were divided depending on 50th percentile of the scores to decide the person having stress or no stress. 41.1% of students were unstressed and 58.9% were stressed. Among unstressed 80% were freshers and 20% were droppers. Discussion: The current study helps to detect stress in medical students using different criteria. For example, the stressed students tend to perform less because of inability to put much effort. They lose their interest as seen in the enthusiasm scale. Though less number of students are stressed as per these scales, still it amounts to significance. Key words - Stress, performance, exam, freshers, droppers etc.