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Comparative Study on Nutritional Quality of Sun Dried Fish and Oven Dried Fish

The aim of the present study was to assess and compare the nutritional quality of sun dried fishes and oven dried fishes during July 2016 to December 2016. Five fish species (C. punctatus, M. cavasius, M. pancalus, C. striatus and W. attu) were collected from the Chalan beel area and brought into the laboratory of Department of Fisheries of University of Rajshahi. All species were processed and dried by the sun rays and in the oven (105°C) for different hours depending on the different species. Then the nutritional analyses were done by using standard method. The highest lipid content was found in oven dried W. attu (11.32±0.30%) and the lowest was found in sun dried C. striatus (5.48±0.70%). The highest protein content was found in oven dried M. pancalus (77.12±0.36%) and the lowest was found in sun dried M. cavasius (55.38±0.67%). The ash content was varied from 4.34±0.23% (oven dried M. pancalus) to 18.43±0.77% (oven dried M. cavasius). The highest moisture content was observed in sun dried C. punctatus (13.07±0.57%) and the lowest was observed in oven dried M. cavasius (6.25±0.24%). Calcium content was varied from 5.34±0.36 mg/100g (sun dried M. cavasius) to 29.31±0.47 mg/100g (oven dried C. punctatus). Iron content was ranged from 0.82±0.00 mg/100g (sun dried M. cavasius) to 2.82±0.04 mg/100g (oven dried W. attu). No significant difference was found between the sun and oven dried fishes for proximate composition (lipid, protein, ash and moisture) and mineral contents (calcium and iron). Key words - Channa punctatus, Mystus cavasius, Mastacembelus pancalus, Channa striatus, Wallago attu, sun drying, oven drying, proximate compositions, minerals.