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Presence of Salmonella SPP. in Food from the Ecuadorian Coast and its Inhibition by Lactic Acid Bacteria or Phenolic Compounds from Cacao Pod Husks

Phenolic compounds have been identified in several agricultural by-products, i.e. cacao pod husks, that are normally wasted or subtilized. Phenolic compounds and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) showed inhibition properties against bacteria. However, their utilization in food may be reduced since LAB and phenolic compounds may be affected by environmental conditions. Regions in Ecuador, specially ManabĂ­ province, reports high number of Salmonellosis cases. The present work examines the presence of Salmonella spp. in artisanal and street food in the city centre of Manta (ManabĂ­ province, Ecuador). Additionally, encapsulated L. acidophilusor phenolic compounds from cacao pod husks applied toartisanal cheese as control of Salmonella spp. was studied. Results showed that L. acidophilus and phenolic compounds from cacao pod husks showed microbial activity against Salmonella. Key words - Salmonella, cacao pod husks, phenolic compounds, lactic acid bacteria