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Smart Security Camera with Two Way E-Mail Notification and Remotely Operated Door Lock System using Raspberry PI Zero

This research paper deals with the prototype of The Smart Security Solutions for Home which included a Security Camera working on Raspberry Pi Zero as well as an integrated Smart Door-Lock System which would be attached to the adjacent door of the house. This system is designed to provide easy to access personal/home security at affordable price. It simply requires a 5V-2A electric supply and a Wi-Fi connection from the user’s end to start working. The camera after booting scans the frame for any visible faces/person’s body (any one of the mode can be selected according to use). As soon as a face is detected, the camera captures a picture and it is sent to the user (house owner) through an E-mail. E-mail being a notification attracts user’s attention thus eliminating the need of the user to monitor the camera every time and saving time. After viewing the picture in the E-mail, if the face is found unknown, the user can immediately view the live feed of the camera on any browser and if the actions are found to be suspicious, he/she can reply “SOS” to the received Email. This will trigger the siren inbuilt in the system and also alert the local control room for emergency help. On the other hand, if the face is found to be known and the user wants to allow the person to enter the house, then this can be done easily by replying “Open” to the received E-mail. This will automatically open the door of the House and let the person in. The main advantages of this system over the existing security systems are the cost-efficiency, ease of use and simplified procedure of use. Keywords - Raspberry Pi Zero, Security Camera, Smart Door Lock, Home Security, E-mail Notification