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Smart Driving License System

Our current study delineates the development of a prototype of Smart Driving License System (SDLS). The first part of the system is the RFID card with your basic information stored in it. Whereas the second part of the system is a scanning unit attached to your vehicle’s ignition system. This system completely di-functionalize your vehicle’s ignition system until you go through a security process. The user has to first scan his/her smart license. The scanning unit decodes the information from the smart card and checks if the person has valid license to drive the specific type of vehicle. Then to avoid the cases of theft of DL, we go through another security check which is Biometric Fingerprint Scanning. If all the cases are in favorable state and the person’s validation is allowed for the vehicle, then the system creates a Database storing the information of the person ensuring that this specific user used this vehicle at this specific date & time and then enables the ignition system of the vehicle. Thus we made a centralized database for reducing the cases of under-age driving, personality con and fake blaming and stopping theft at certain level by adding some security barriers. Keywords - Driving License, Smart City, IoT, RFID, Vehicle Safety, Traffic rules, Anti-theft.