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Investigation of New Winged Samara Fruit from Deccan Intertrapean Beds of Chhindwara District (M.P.) India

The Present investigation of winged Samara Fruit were collected from localities of Mohogaon Kalam ( 1.415 N790 , 11.204’E ) of Chhindawara District of Madhya Pradesh, India. The fruit revealed the details of Morphology and Anatomy through the process of serial peeling of part and counter part. Fruit is Dicotyledonous dry and indehiscent, single seeded, winged Samara. It is bilocular measuring 8.5 mm in length and diameter is 3.00 mm fruit wall three layered, Epicarp and mesocarp contribute to form the spiny wings on either side of seed is bitegemic, compylotropous fused with endocarp. After discussion and comparision with investigated fossil fruits by different workers and with living flora. It is concluded that the fossil resembles with the winged Samara Fruit of family Simarubiaceae. Hence it is named Simarubiocaron spinosa, sp.nov. and specific name is given after the spiny appearance of wings. Keywords - Winged fruit, Samara, Simarubiaceae, Upper Cretaceous, Central India.