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Intelligent Shopping Trolley and Billing System based on IoT

Customers need to stand in a queue to make the final purchase of the product, which is time-consuming. This paper proposes an intelligent cart which senses the product which is purchased by the customer and then bills it accordingly. To do so we have RFID tags attached to the product and there is a Raspberry Pi which scans the RFID tag and generates the bill in real time accordingly. The current bill amount can be seen on an LCD screen. We are also able to check the contents of the shopping list by logging on to the Shopping Malls website and then pay the bill accordingly. This system works on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and is very efficient and convenient for the customers to use. Keywords - Shopping Malls, Smart Trolley System (STS), Raspberry Pi (RPi), RFID, LCD, Internet of Things (IoT), NFC tags, Web GUI.