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Auditorium Seat Occupancy Feedback System

The current study represents the design and development of a scaled-down prototype for auditorium seat occupancy indication. Basically it is a feedback system designed with the help of hall-effect sensors (HES) in association with anArduino Mega micro-controller. Each seat is attached with a magnet and a HES connecting to the central control unit. When a seat is occupied, the HES get detached from the magnet, thus activated. A visual panel is designed with LEDs as per the auditorium seat arrangement. Activation of theHES sends a control signal to the control unit which in-turn turns off particular LED in the visual panel showing a reserved status. This system reduces the chaotic movement inside an auditorium and creates a swift audience flow. Keywords - Hall Effect Sensor, Foldable chair, Arduino Mega model, Magnet, Automation, Auditorium