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Doctor Tracking System

In the recent trends, there has been a significant breakthrough in the number of applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip systems to identify or track objects or people. The proposed work delineates tracking the location of the doctors in the hospital which will decrease the waiting time for patients. Conventional intra-organization tracking systems are mostly manual. Hence, it is difficult to track the exact location of the employees during emergency conditions. This problem can be acknowledged by introducing an RFID based smart card for auto tracking the employees in an organization of high importance like hospitals. RFID allows dominance over manually operated line-of-sight sensors systems like barcodes scanners. The RFID enabled tags can be detected easily while crossing a passage which is installed with RFID reader. This proposed automated system will enable patients to track the location of the doctor during emergency conditions. Eventually, this system can be employed in reducing the waiting time of an in-hospital patient. Keywords - RFID tracking, Smart Card, Doctor, NodeMcu