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Comparisons of Biological Age Prediction Models for Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

The aim of the study was to compare three different biological age (BA) estimation methods of multiple linear regression (MLR), Principal component analysis (PCA), and that of Klemera and Doubal (KDM). In a previous study, three BA models were developed for feasibility comparisons. Although mathematically compared, feasibility assessment should be conducted for applicability in a clinical setting. Fifteen middle aged female subjects with metabolic syndrome and 15 age range matched healthy subjects were compared for BA calculated by the three estimation methods. As results, the PCA and KDM methods showed significantly greater BA in comparison to CA in subjects with metabolic syndrome. Although KDM showed smaller difference in BA in comparison to BA of PCA, PCA show greater variance in standard deviation. In conclusion, KDM and PCA estimation methods showed significant changes in BA for possible application in clinical field. However, greater variance in results of PCA needs to be considered for accuracy. Index Terms - Biological age, Chronological age, Multiple linear regression, Principal component analysis