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Effect of Sucrose Pre-Drying Treatment on Quality of Mango

Dried Mangoes are important exported products of Thailand. However, the drying process is uses long time and also affect to quality of product, this may affect to acceptability from consumer. The pre-drying treatment by osmotic dehydration at 70°Brix of sucrose at 60 min with ultrasound makes the lightness value of mangoes sample close to fresh mangoes sample and decrease the moisture content, water activity including has higher water loss and solid gain than fresh mangoes sample because the water and oxygen are diffusion from inside to outside of the cells during process. Thus predrying treatment at 70°Brix of Sucrose at 60 min with ultrasound is optimum condition for Mangoes pre drying treatment. Keywords - Mango, Pre-drying treatment, Osmotic dehydration, Ultrasonic.