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Assessment of Some Antibiotics Residues in Broiler Meat and Giblets in Egypt

The goal of this study is to assess the level of some antibiotic residues as Doxycycline (DOC) and Oxytetracycline (OTC) in broiler meat and giblets and to evaluate the effect of various cooking methods on the level of such residues in examined broiler meat and giblets. A total of sixty random samples of fresh broilers meat, liver and kidney (20 each) were purchased from different markets at various localities in Menoufia governorate, Egypt. Each sample was extracted and analyzed using HPLC for determination the level of DOC and OTC residues. The obtained results indicated that the mean values of DOC residues were 8.39 ± 0.14, 1142.85 ± 21.09 and1305.59 ± 27.68 μg/kg , while the mean values of (OTC) residues were 37.52 ± 0.41, 435.31 ± 12.86 and 62. 123 ± 5.35μg/kg for broilers meat, liver and kidney, respectively. The effect of different cooking methods (boiling and frying) on the level of such antibiotic residues in muscle and liver was also studied. The mean reduction % of DOC residues in meat samples after boiling was 85% and 95.6% after frying, while in liver samples the mean reduction % were 87.6 % and 98.8 % after boiling and frying, respectively. The mean reduction % of OTC residues in meat samples after boiling and frying were 79.2 % and 96.2 %, respectively and for liver samples were 85.6 % and 97.5 % after boiling and frying, respectively.