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The Application of Sawdust from Bamboo and Rain tree to Adsorb Cd(II) for Develop the Quality of Life in Community

This experiment study concern the removal of Cd(II) by using waste from wood in community such as sawdust from Bamboo and Rain tree. The adsorption parameters were the initial amount of sawdust, the initial of various pH, the initial concentration of heavy metal, the interference ion on the adsorption and application to water sample. The maximum adsorption capacity on the adsorption of Cd(II) by using Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotometry was obtain by used sawdust from Rain tree 0.25 g, pH = 3, initial metal concentration 200 ppm, and NaNO3 in solution, respectively. The adsorption capacity of Cd(II) in water sample were 0.162 and 0.178 mol/kg by using sawdust from Bamboo and Rain tree, respectively. This result confirmed that sawdust in community could remove the heavy metals from water in environment to enhance the quality of life of people in community. Sawdust is effective and inexpensive materials to remove high amounts of heavy metal from water. Index Terms - Adsorption, Community, Heavy metal, Sawdust.