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The Effect of Load BOD and Hydraulic Time on Hospital Wastewater Treatment using AF2B Reactor

In Indonesia, The ability of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of hospitals, especially the biological treatment system in processing waste water is relatively lowwhich only 52% meet the quality standards. It is necessary to research to obtain optimal processing efficiency through study of several factors that effect biological treatment.The aim of this research is to know the influence of load BOD and hydraulictimeto AF2B (Aerobic Fixed Film Biofilter) reactor performance in reducing BOD, COD, Ammonia-free and Phenol. The research used AF2B reactor that a continuously operating, wherein the AF2B reactor contains a biofilter shaped honeycomb and is connected to a diffuser as an air supplier. The experimental stage consists of: 1). Acclimatization of bacterial consortium and, 2). Wastewater treatment in AF2B reactor. While the variables used are load BOD (1,000 mg/h; 2,000 mg/h), and HydraulicTime(4 hours, 4.5 hours, 5 hours). At the acclimatization stage, endegeneous bacteria consortium isolates were developed by decanting into beaker glass, added aquadest 5% (v) and aerated for 3 days. Furthermore, wastewater 10% (v) is added gradually to optimal bacterial consortium growth.At the wastewater treatment stage in the AF2B reactor, the hospital wastewater is fed into the AF2B reactor that containing the biofilter and the acclimatized bacteria consortium and then aerated. By making changes of load BOD and hydraulictimeand analyzing the pollutant concentration on the influent and effluent of AF2B reactor so the AF2B reactor performance is known.The results showed that performance of AF2B reactor are influenced by load BOD and hydraulictimethe, where with BOD load of 2,000 mg /h and hydraulictimeof 5 hours can remove the BOD, COD, Ammonia-free and Phenol were 98%, 90%, 86% , and 82% respectively. Keywords - Aerobic Fixed Film Biofilter, Endegeneous Bacterial Consortium, Hydraulictime, Load BOD