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Study the Effect of Conventional Polymers Type on Physical Properties of Pani.CSA Blends Films

A doped polyaniline (Pani.CSA) blends films have been prepared successfully by the casting method. The Pani.CSA blends films of thickness 50 μm have been prepared from the Pani.CSA and PMMA, PS and PEO at constant concentration. The films are characterized by X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, the presence of characteristic bonds of Pani.CSA blends films were observed from FTIR spectroscopy technique. Electrical properties revealed that conductivity of films at room temperature are 1.03×10-8, 1.48×10-8 and 2.35×10-8 for Pani.CSA blends with PMMA , PS and PEO, respectively. Mechanical properties show variation values of tensile stress and hardness for different Pani.CSA blends films. Keywords- Pani.CSA, Blends, conducting polymer, PMMA, PS and POE.