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Similarity Solution for Unsteady Flow Behind a Spherical Shock Wave in an Ideal Gas with Increasing Energy Under the Action of Monochromatic Radiation and Gravitational Field

Self-similar solutions are obtained for one-dimensional unsteady adiabatic flow of an ideal gas with gravitational effects and monochromatic radiation behind a spherical shock wave. It is assumed that the medium is under the influence of a gravitational field which is because of central mass at the origin (Roche Model). It is also supposed that as compared to the attraction of the central mass, the gravitational effect of the gas can be neglected. The effects of change in values of gravitational parameter, shock Mach no. and adiabatic exponent of the gas on shock strength and flow variables are worked out in detail. The comparison between the solutions obtained in gravitating and non-gravitating medium is done. The total energy of the shock wave is varying and alters in due course. The present study can be important for description of shocks in supernova explosions, in the study of a flare produced shock in the solar wind, central part of star burst galaxies, nuclear explosion, rupture of a pressurized vessel and explosion in the ionosphere etc.