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Semiconductor Materials Withstanding Large Flurnce of Hard Irradiation

On the basis of InAs, InP and their InPxAs1-xsolid solutions the technologies were developed and materials were created where the electrons concentration and optical and thermoelectric properties do not change under the irradiation with Ф=2∙1018n/cm2 fluences of fast neutrons high-energy electrons (50MeV, Ф=6·1017e/cm2) and 3MeV electrons with fluence Ф=3∙1018e/cm2. It has been solved the problem of obtaining such material, in which under hard irradiation the mobility of the electrons does not decrease, but increases. This material is characterized by high thermal stability up to 𝑇=7000 𝐶. The complex process of defects formation has analyzed and shown that, despite of hard irradiation, the essential properties of investigated materials are mainly determined by point type defects. Keywords: InAs-InP, Solid Solutions, Irradiation