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Multi-Purpose camouflaging suit using Nanotechnology & Thermosensitive Polymer

Multi -purpose camouflage suit using nanotechnology and thermosensitive polymer the idea is to create such a suit that is almost invisible in certain environment and can be primarily used for army and spying purposes, this kind of technology was once considered highly futuristic and fictitious but since the polymer science has grown to a vast extent and now colour changing polymers are also available, therefore here we tend to use such a polymer which changes its colour with temperature with almost all other properties remaining the same. The suit will be made from such a polymer with nanochips embedded at suitable sites within the suit at almost every square inch, the nanochips will be programed such that to extract the information of surrounding through other sensing devices and thus produce suitable temperature zones resulting in total camouflage. Keywords - camouflage , nanotechnology , thermosensitive