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A Review: Tissue Culture Techniques in Different Plants of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh state has a vast genetic biodiversity of plants, due to loss of growth habitat, unfriendly harvesting and over exploitation some plants are under a continuous threat. So, for mass production and to conserve the plants, tissue culture is very useful and applicable methods. In present day, by tissue culture techniques, many in vitro plants are produced and by these techniques desired characteristics are also attain like secondary metabolites production, mass cultivation and transformation. The present review emphasizes the plant tissue culture techniques applied in some plants of Chhattisgarh to produce in vitro regenerated plants. The plants were listed followed by botanical names, family, and plant tissue culture technique for in vitro cultivation, explants, and used media with growth hormones. Index Terms - Plant tissue Culture; Plants Regeneration; In vitro culture