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Determination of Catheter Plan with Genetic Algorithm Model in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

In intensive care units, there are many invasive procedures such as injection, probe, suture and catheter during the treatment of the illness. Every initiative increases the rate of infecting for each patient. It is known that these ratios are different for each procedure, but the greatest proportion is associated with catheters. The immune system of newborns in intensive care units (NICU) is weaker than adults and invasive interventions further increase the risk of infections. There are many types of catheters used in the NICU, and their using times, infection rates and costs are different. These differences make it difficult to determine effective catheter plans to be applied to the newborn depending on the length of hospital stay in the NICU. In this study, for each newborn in the NICU the effective catheter plan is determined under the objectives of minimization of infections. Depending on the length of hospital stay and the characteristics of the catheters, a genetic algorithm approach has been developed for effective catheter planning for each patient. In addition, an application study was conducted at the newborn unit of a large hospital. Keywords - Catheter plan; genetic algorithm; NICU