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Studying Inhibitory Effect of Green Apple Peels Against Aspergillus Flavus With Diagnosis of Some Active Compound

Aspergillus Flavus was isolated from various food (watermelon, cocoa and pomelo) , available at local markets. The green apple collected at local market as well. It was shown that it has inhibitory effect toward fungi . The alcoholic extract showed more inhibitory activity in comparison with aqueous extract, The highest rate of inhibitory was 72% of the alcoholic extract at concentration 15 and 20 mg – ml. In the aqueous extract was observed the highest rate of inhibition was 46% at concentration 2.5 and 5 mg-ml. One flavonoid compound was extracted and filtered using thin layer chromatography techniques and this include apigenin. The separation process showed presence apigenin compound in alcoholic extract absence it the aqueous extract. Key words- Green apple peel, Alcoholic extract, Aqueous extract , Apigenin.