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Study of Fungal Diversity on Pond Water in Rainy Season

Fungus is particularly critical segment of parts diversity on earth. A few examinations have concentrated on counting the world's fungal decent variety. There are millions detailed fungal species distributed generally all through the globe. India has been the canter point for such growths. Fungal biotechnology has developed as a vital piece of the human welfare. In the present study, the occurrence and distribution of fungi in different pond water has been studied to highlight the extent of their diversity and uniqueness of their Habitats. Five pond Water sample were collected from different ponds of BHILAI City in DURG District of Chhattisgarh. Water were sampling in different area of Bhiali city; Darri pond Bhiali 3, Shitla pond, kurud & Dhaur Village. Water sample was to collect in the month of JULY & AUGUST 2018 in Rainy season. Fungal specie is usually microscopic organisms, there occurrence in water and specialised methods are required to examine their diversity, population structure and ecological function. The water sample were examined for fungal diversity by plating method culturing potato dextrose agar media(PDA).The fungi isolated from the water sample include species of Aspergillus,(A.niger,A.fumigatus,A.oryzae) and penicillium species (P.notatum, P. chrysogenum) and also find out Rhizopus. Keyword - Fungal Diversity, Pond Water, Planting Method