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Isolation and Identification of Bacterial and Fungal Contamination on Mobile Phones

The study was conduct to determine microbial contamination of mobile phone under the college campus and identity the important microbial species associated with the mobile phones. The examination to add up to 5 plates was done to distinguish fungal and pathogenic microscopic organisms bacteria isolated. Sterile swab were solidly passed on screens of cell phone. Swabs were refined on potato dextrose agar media (PDA) for bacterial and fungal growth. All fungus and bacteria are identified by the standard microbiological staining techniques. Results were observed Aspergillus species, fungus and E. coli & streptococcus bacteria species isolated. Microorganisms capable of causing various diseases and infection thus mobile/cell phones could serve as a vehicle of disease.(4) Keyword - Contaminations, Determine, Associated, Pathogenic Disease Vehicle