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Milk Quality Analysis in the Durg Area of Chhattisgarh

Milk is the lacteral secretion of mammary glands of a mammal. Milk is the natural food for young mammaks during the period immediately after birth. Because of its high nutritive value, milk is considered as one of the most important diet item of many people. The product itself must be of high hygienic quality. It contains calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin, vit B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin B1 in significant amount. The fluid nature of milk and its chemical composition renders it one of the ideal culture media for microbial growth and multiplication. The quality of random milk samples were performed and it was found to be of good quality. The natural microflora isolated from milk samples were of lactic acid producers which are good for the health. Keywords - Milk, Calcium, Phosphorous, Lactic acid Bacteria